The Business of Collaborative Storytelling

This seminar, lead by transmedia producer Steele Filipek, will focus on how traditional models of storytelling are giving way to newer forms built on collaboration, micro-narratives, engagement, and fan-driven content. Case studies including Spider-Man, Curtin University, and independent music/comic book companies will show creators how they can weave collaboration between fans and creators into their larger implementations, building trust in brand stalwarts.

Steele Tyler Filipek is one of the world’s leading transmedia writers and producers. As executive editor at Starlight Runner Entertainment, he has designed story worlds and nonlinear narrative design for such franchises as Halo, Transformers, Dexter, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Pirates of the Caribbean, and more. He has also created large-scale campaigns for projects ranging from branding (Reebok, Pepperidge Farm) to nonprofit work (the government of Colombia, Curtin University). In addition, Filipek is a lecturer/professor of dramatic writing and has produced numerous children’s books, screenplays, television scripts, comic books, video games, comedy, and radio dramas.