He Told Me To BRUTAL: Pointing Guns At The Camera Doesn’t Make For Better Photos Rapid Fire Critique

Let me talk about the guns in this photo. I have no issues with guns being in images where it fits. In this case it didn’t fit the majority of the time.

So you have a picture with someone holding a camera and a gun while pointing it at the camera. To me that serves no purpose whatsoever. Like I said above, in context of a situation I am fine with it but this doesn’t seem to be the right context.

The picture of the guy in the mask with a shotgun who’s in an alley is a dangerous image based on the information I have. Why, because if you’re in public and someone calls the cops on you, you’re putting yourself into a precarious position.

Be smart, be safe, think about the story behind your images and if it fits into the context of a situation or it’s doing it just for shock value.

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Jared Polin

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