Photographing Celebrities in LA, YELLING at kids during TOTALITY and Nikon D850 talk: RAWtalk 227

Photographing Celebrities in LA , YELLING at kids during TOTALITY and Nikon D850 talk: RAWtalk 227 Download this weeks show as an mp3 right here

This week we have an action packed show where we discuss everything from my Solar Eclipse experience, NEW camera, what we did in LA and so much more. This is the format I LOVE for RAWtalk. A few guys, talking about fun things that involve photography and being creative and sharing the laughs with you.

00:00:16 My Favorite Karaoke Song
00:02:41 How We Ended Up At Funny Or Die
00:03:52 Louie Anderson In The Office (Not Ours)
00:06:06 What We Did At Funny Or Die
00:07:26 Celebrities? Which Ones?
00:11:00 But Earlier That Same Day...
00:12:05 My Personal Project Landed Me With James Blunt
00:14:38 Networking, Networking, Networking
00:25:25 I Went For Totality
00:33:50 Nikon D850
00:42:15 The 6D Mark II Real World Review Is LIVE
00:49:07 Best Real World Review EVER (So Good I Almost Puked)
00:55:26 Meredith Checks In
00:59:47 What Was Todd Doing At Twelve?
01:03:13 Gears of the Week
01:07:12 Hashtags of the Week
01:07:52 Wheel of Fro...Sort Of

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