FroKnowsPhoto RAWtalk 215: Popular Photo Is DEAD, Meeting Super Hero’s In LA and Flying First Class

FroKnowsPhoto RAWtalk 215: Popular Photo Is DEAD, Meeting Super Hero’s In LA and Flying First Class

First things first, welcome to another episode of RAWtalk. This week I discuss why I was in LA, the guys bust my balls for saying “first class” a bunch of times and I talk about how I met a super hero. On top of that I an proud to introduce you to my partner in MyGearVault Steve Bellosi.

This weeks show is brought to you by RODE and the 2017 MyRodeReel competition. This year there’s $500,000 in prizes, all you need to do is try. For the full rules Click Here.

There’s a TON of photo news, flying solo, gear of the week, the wheel of FRO and meme’s.

Oh yea, next week there will be a SPECIAL EDITION OF RAW talk being released with an amazing interview with Shane Hurlbut who is HUGE in the hollywood film making scene. It was so good that it needed its own episode.

00:00:16 Hopefully Dan Doesn’t Mess Up
00:02:41 Fro Team Updates
00:06:38 Plug of the Week
00:10:19 Why Was I In LA?
00:15:03 Did I Mention First Class?
00:18:06 My Personal Project
00:23:08 Don’t Do It Kitty!!!
00:25:45 Photo News Lightroom Mobile Update
00:29:50 UHS 3
00:35:22 Video Game Camera
00:39:39 First Photo Of A Black Hole
00:42:09 LEGO Mosaic Maker Camera!
00:44:38 Popular Photography RIP 1937-2017
00:48:32 DIY Digital Back For Nikon Film Camera
00:51:34 Nikon Limited Edition 100 Year Anniversary Gear
00:53:26 Fully Robotic Fashion Studio
00:54:43 Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro
00:56:23 Interview With MyGearVault’s Steve Bellosi
01:11:03 Gears of the Week
01:17:41 Flying Solo
01:47:27 Wheel of Fro
01:51:28 Memes of the Week
01:59:29 Special Edition RawTalk Next Week?

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