FroKnowsPhoto RAWtalk 210: Only Hire Photographers With Nikon Or Canon? + a 2,000,000 Gig Photo For the full Photo News Stories and more.

First things first do you notice anything different about the location? If you guessed it’s a new location, you would be correct This is the first show to be recorded at the FroFactory and we could not be happier to be in the space. I am looking forward to what we will create over there.

Brides magazine wrote an article that has since been changed but originally made the statement that you should only hire photographers to shoot your wedding who have either Nikon or Canon cameras. Yea, that’s an interesting statement to make, we discuss at 24:30

It’s a NEW year, a NEW location and we have a NEW mentality and direction for where the content is going to take us this year.

00:00:16 Where Are We?
00:05:40 Stephen and Todd Got New Cameras
00:09:39 Plug of the Week
00:11:43 A Gift for the Empty Loft
00:15:49 Photo News/365 Calendar Challenge
00:20:00 A Clever Proposal
00:21:35 The Largest Photo…EVER
00:24:30 “Pro Tips” from
00:30:31 New Free Lightroom Plug-in
00:32:04 Magic Lantern DNG Break Through
00:34:44 Aperture Wrench
00:36:59 A Post Wildfire Photo Story
00:37:59 Turn Your DSLR into a 360 Camera!
00:40:26 Gear of the Week: Amazon Dot
00:45:12 Flying Solo
01:21:17 Wheel of Fro
01:26:23 Memes of the Week
01:32:01 Hashtags of the Week

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