‘Through The Lens’ is a web series presented by ADORAMA.
TTL looks at the evolving aesthetic of photography as seen through this generation’s creator class.

Tune in every Friday at 11am for a new creator.

SEASON THREE – EPISODE NINE: @mr007 has many secrets. So as requested, we are not going to release any of his personal information. He did want us to share with the viewers his philosophy on photography. @mr007 says that “timing is everything. You always need to expect what breaks out a few seconds in the future. Otherwise, you must be patient and wait for the best moments, sometimes for minutes, hours, even days. If you’ve got something in your mind, you should not give up until you capture it. That’s photography to me. ”

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Created, Shot and Edited by Sal D’Alia

Produced By:

Alana Casner

Irwin Suba

Special Thanks to our friends at Brevite:


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