How to Light and Shoot Great Interviews; Anywhere/Anytime
The interview is a staple in documentary, corporate and ENG filmmaking, and bread and butter for many filmmakers. While each interview presents it’s own set of challenges, there are some common types of interviews every shooter should master.
Join Daniel Norton On Set for this full day of hands-on demos. We will explore camera, lighting and audio for sit down interviews and run and gun interviews.
There will be 2 sessions, each 90 minutes.
Sessions start at 12pm and 3pm
Each session will cover a different type of interview from start to finish
Daniel Norton is the Creative Director of Adorama with over 15 years experience as a Photographer, Director and DP in the advertising and editorial markets. Daniel also produces and hosts FREE weekly in-store trainings for Adorama every Thursday as well as the Adorama TV series On Set with Daniel Norton.



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