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Hands On Review : Lectrosonics L-Series Wireless System

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Digital Hybrid Wireless AudioWe're taking a look and a listen to the Lectrosonics Digital Hybrid Wireless System.

How to Light a Green Screen

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Lighting a green screen can be difficult, but with the right tools and some careful planning, you can pull off easier and more believable green screen shots. In this video, we explore the type of lighting necessary fo...

B&H Photography Podcast: The Benefits of a Long Term Project for Your Photography

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While their approaches are distinct, photographers Dennis Livesey and John Harris both have benefited from taking the long road. As their experience exemplifies, there are many joys and successes to be found in approa...

Pro Mixing Tips: Serial Compression

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Spend a few minutes with Justin Colletti from B&H’s partner Sonic Scoop and learn some useful guidelines for mixing audio through multiple compressors in series—meaning, one after the other. In this video, Justin ...

B&H Photography Podcasts: Can You Prosper in the Stock Photography Market?

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Anyone, I mean, anyone can submit their photos for sale in the stock-photography market. (Are you a foaper?) But the question remains: is it worth it? No doubt, the industry has been transformed by corporate conglomer...

Getting Started in Underwater Imaging

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Larry and Olga explain key techniques used in photographing many different kinds of subjects in the underwater environment. Not only reef fish; they cover shooting under piers, shipwrecks, and underwater caves. The tw...

B&H Photography Podcast: Film Versus Digital Imaging, with Harvey Wang

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Have you ever shot film? Do you still shoot film? Does it make a difference in your work? Is your work defined by it? This episode of the B&H Photography Podcast addresses an issue that is still at the heart of ph...

Securing Support For You Long Term Photography Projects Sponsored by Canon

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Sponsored by CanonMary Virginia Swanson describes the path to successful fundraising to support the completion and subsequent publication & exhibition of your photography projects. She helps artists understand h...

Playing Around with the Sennheiser MKE 440

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We're taking a look and a listen to the Sennheiser MKE 440 camera-mounted directional stereo shotgun microphone. Designed to focus the stereo field on what's actually in the camera lens, we put it to use recording sp...

Pro Mixing Tips: Sidechain Compression

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Sidechain Compression—modern pop music just wouldn’t be the same without it. In this video, brought to you by B&H, Sonic Scoop’s Justin Colletti explains exactly what sidechain compression is, when to use the tech...

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