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How to Light and Shoot Great Interviews: OnSet with Daniel Norton

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How to Light and Shoot Great Interviews; Anywhere/Anytime The interview is a staple in documentary, corporate and ENG filmmaking, and bread and butter for many filmmakers. While each interview presents it's own set of...

Film Noir Portrait Shoot: Take and Make Great Photography with Gavin Hoey

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http://www.adorama.comDark, moody and sinister, Film Noir is a style that packs a punch with hard edged shadows and high contrast. In this tutorial Gavin Hoey takes you a simple set-up to transform a small home stud...

Pamcakes “The Reveal” Her REACTION is PRICELESS!!

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I love the "Reveal", I love getting someones reaction to their photos. In this case Pamcakes had seen her images prior to the reveal but what she didn't know is what I was going to be making for her.Pamcakes Real W...

Tethering 101 with Jeff Rojas & Tether Tools

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Increase your Workflow Efficiency, Collaboration and Image Quality. Tethering is an essential part of a photographers workflow. It allows you to work efficiently, effectively, and worry free. In this short lecture, Je...

Camera Obscura: Through the Viewfinder with Marcin Lewandowski

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https://www.adorama.comIn this episode Marcin will step back from the usual tips and tricks and look at the very beginning of photography, pinhole imagery, showing you how to build a Camera Obscura.Related Produc...

How to EXPORT Photos From Adobe Lightroom: For Websites and BIG ASS PRINTS

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How to EXPORT Photos From Adobe Lightroom: For Websites and BIG ASS PRINTSUSE CODE FRO at to get your 14 day FREE Trial.I get asked how do I export photos for my website as well as for B...

Understanding Portrait Lenses Part 1: Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace

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https://www.adorama.comIn the first part of this two part series, Mark Wallace discusses some of the technical considerations for choosing a lens for portrait photography. Mark walks through perspective, distortion,...

Monopod Mastery – Two Minute Tips with David Bergman

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https://www.adorama.comDavid Bergman shows you when you should - and when you shouldn't - use a monopod.Related Products at Adorama:Gitzo GM5561T Series 5 Traveler Monopod

One Aperture: Stay Focused with Doug McKinlay

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https://www.adorama.comAn exercise on using one aperture setting to understand distance and depth of field.Related Products at Adorama:Canon 5D Mark III

High Speed Sync in the Desert: OnSet ep. 136

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https://www.adorama.comJoin Daniel Norton OnSet in the desert just outside of Las Vegas as he creates some fun portraits of an Elvis Impersonator. Sometime using a shallow depth of field can be useful in creating th...

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